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Create Value with Less Effort

And You will Have Time to Change the World.

Use your creativity combined with Dimgi App and you will be able to deal with issues where taking measures from images is decisive. Yes, Dimgi helps you making business decision.

Direct to the Measure

What's Great About Dimgi App?

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You go further with Dimgi paying only for what you need. You can choose between a Free Plan and then Pay-as-You-Go or subcribe one of the Monthly or Yearly Plan.

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Mesure From Images

Run inferences on your images and start taking mesures in just few clicks from your vieos or images. Take mesures without complicated and resource-intensive process.

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Drag and Drop

You will find it easy to do thanks to a simple drag and drop interface. You can be super effective crafting your graphical-drive creation in graphical-drive UI.


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Craft on the Forge

Create in a smithy way

Stop juggling between calendar apps and productivity tools — from now on all your appointments and meetings appear in one place.

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Business decisions

Business Intellegince as a Service

We all have stuff to do all the time: Work tasks, calls to make, groceries to buy and dry cleaning to pick up. Get all your tasks in one place for easy management.

Our Clients

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“Fantastic app for planning your day and future tasks. Works perfectly everyday!”

Alyvia Cope, Design at Company

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“A very useful project management app. I use it every day.”

Travis Guidelines, Manager at Company

Regain Control of Your Data

Get started for free and dive into Dimgi App now. You will quickly start creating solutions into the Forge - it doesn't get easier than this!

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